Remember This Photography: Blog en-us (C) Remember This Photography (Remember This Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:51:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:51:00 GMT Remember This Photography: Blog 86 120 Intro to Lightroom and Photoshop Workshop Hello! Thank you for your interest in my workshops! People have asked me over and over to teach a beginner class on the basics of Lightroom and Photoshop. Once you learn to use those nice DSLR cameras, it is only natural to want to dive into the editing process next! I finally decided to teach a course on the basics of these two great programs, and I've put together this list of FAQs to cover some of the basic questions about the class. Hope you can join us!

{The following Image was edited with ONLY the steps you will learn in this course so you can get an idea of what you will be able to do when the workshop is completed}


What do I need for this class?  To participate in this workshop, you will need a laptop you can bring with you, a notebook and pen/pencil for notes, photos on your computer you can use for practice, and preloaded lightroom and/or photoshop. It is best if you have both to get the most from this class, but one or the other is fine. Adobe now offers both programs through a subscription service. A subscription to the photographer's package of adobe CC, which includes both Lightroom and Photoshop, is only $9.99 per month, which is a great deal! You can check that out here:!3085!3!87281934978!e!!g!!adobe%20photoshop%20subscription&ef_id=URXvJwAAARNYhzQL:20151027192809:s

What will the class cover? LR and PS can seem impossible and daunting when you first buy them. Many people are tempted to just give up and never post-process their images. For those who want to add a little extra, however, all it takes is a good teacher, patience, and practice to start editing your photos and making them even better! In this beginner workshop, you will learn

1) How to open and export your images in these programs

2) How to sort, cull, and organize your images

3) A basic understanding of file types

4) Basic adjustments of exposure, shadows, highlights, sharpening and contrast used for most photos

5) How to create black and white images from color

6) How to process RAW images

7) How to add borders and text

8) A basic intro to using layers

9) A basic intro to different tools in the tool bar, and what they do, including blemish removal tools

10) How to use LR and PS TOGETHER to create your perfect image


Will I have a full understanding of both programs from this workshop? No. These are very intricate, high tech programs that can be used in many different ways, and it can take quite a while, years in fact, to learn everything you can do in these programs. To get to that point, however, you have to master the basics, and that is what this course will teach. Once you master these lessons, not only will your photos look 10Xs better than they would straight out of camera, but you can begin to learn new skills and techniques to take your post-processing even further. I CAN NOT stress enough how important these first basic lessons are; they are the things you will ALWAYS do to EVERY photo, no matter how much you learn with LR and PS in the future.

Will I need to take another, more advanced, course later? Not necessarily. A TERRIFIC image can be made using only what you will learn in this workshop, and many photographers find that this is enough to create the image they desire for final printing. If you do want to take your editing further, however, I will offer one on one mentoring for furthering your editing skills. 

What are the dates/times for this workshop? The winter LR/PS workshop will be December 5th, 2015, from 3:00 - 8:00 pm. There will not be another workshop offered until Spring of 2016.

How do I register and pay? All workshops must be paid for in advance to hold your spot, and I will limit each class to 6 students so we have plenty of one on one time together. To book a spot, you can contact me on FB, text me at 304-677-3341, or email me at You can pay via Paypal (an invoice will be sent to your email once you register) or mail a check. 


If you have any other questions about the workshop, please let me know! Hope you can join us!!


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Basic Photography Workshop Beginner Photography Workshop

Hi! Thanks for your interest in my workshops! Below you will find a FAQ list to answer any questions you may have! I've also included some copies of my work taken with NO additional lighting source or even flash. This is what YOU can do with just your camera! Hope you can join us!!

What will I learn? – In this workshop, you will learn how to get that DSLR off of AUTO and start taking control of your camera to capture more awesome, well exposed photos! We will cover camera settings, how your camera actually works and what is happening inside when you “click,” the basics of ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and how they work together, basic metering,  composition, light (and how to work with it), and the different ways to use your cameras available settings. You will learn how to how to shoot tack sharp photos with great depth of field. (What some people refer to as “bokeh” or “Focused subject, blurry background.”) 

What will we do? – On the day of the workshop, we will spend 5 hours diving into our cameras and learning how to use them properly. I will teach you new techniques and then you will take shot after shot to practice each new skill you've learned, like how to compose a shot, how to manage light, and how to get that blurry background people love so much. As always, however, we learn best by continuing to practice! I will be available for contact after the workshops if you need to message me with any follow up questions. I won’t just leave you confused!! You WILL learn to use that camera! 

What do I need to bring? – You must bring a DSLR camera with at least one lens and a memory card, plus, if you have it, your camera manual. (All cameras are different and have different settings menus. I work with Nikon, but the basics of photography are the same no matter what brand of camera you use. We just need the manual in case we run into issues changing your settings.) You will also need a notebook and pen/pencil for taking notes. There will be a 20 minute break for lunch or a snack, so unless you’d like to run out and grab something, bring a packed lunch with you. I have a refrigerator and microwave at my studio. If you have any other equipment you’d like to bring like a flash, other lenses, etc., feel free to bring those as well.

What are the available dates and times? – The winter workshop will be held December 5th from 9:00 – 2:00. There will not be another beginner workshop until Spring of 2016. As always, once you have taken my workshop, I will still be available through email and Facebook to answer your additional questions as you begin to shoot on your own.

What is the cost of a workshop? – Each set of workshops is $75. When signing up for a class you MUST pay when booking a spot. You can either be billed online through email where you will be given a payment link to pay by credit card, or you may mail a check. I will accept no more than 10 students per workshop so I can be sure to have one on one time with each student.


To sign up for a class, either text me at (304) 677-3341, message me on Facebook, or email me at

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Farmer Magnus Meet Farmer Magnus!! He's 1! Isn't he a cute little farmer??

We thought Farmer Magnus would really enjoy playing on this cute little tractor!

But after a go at plowing the fields, it seemed Farmer Magnus had had enough!


We thought maybe some cake would help make him Happy...

Buuuutttt, it turns out Farmer Magnus isn't a fan of cake.....or tractors, or grass, or hay, or barns.... HE DOESN'T WANT TO BE A FARMER!

Sooooo, we changed Farmer Magnus into some clothes that were a little less "farmer-y," and we got him a wagon! He was a happy little man!

Or was he????

Whew! He was after all! So Farmer Magnus retired from the fields and into a little red wagon, and all was right with the world.... ♥ THE END!

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10 Tips for Better Family Photos! I’m going to try to start blogging more because I am so often asked the same questions over and over, and although I don’t mind answering them, I thought addressing each subject in a blog might be easier for people to reference before getting their pictures taken. This brings me to the subject of this blog; dressing for a family photo shoot. This is probably one of the most stressful things for my clients, and I promise you, it doesn’t need to be. The following tips will hopefully help you relax and stop stressing about photo attire so you can actually let loose and ENJOY the process of getting your photos taken!  FUN should always be your main objective for your shoot because it will show in the pictures you will cherish forever. So here we go….

1.       Just say “NO” to matchy-matchy! There was a time that dressing the entire family in white shirts and jeans or khakis was the “in” thing. I know because my family has those pictures, so I am not judging, trust me! I am just stating that that time has passed, and photos where the family all wears the same color can look boring.

2.       Instead of matching exactly, you want to choose a color palette. While I don’t advise everyone wearing white, blue, pink, etc.. I also don’t suggest one person wear bright orange while another wears pale pink; that just doesn’t go together at all, right? So, instead choose a palette to stick to, and choose shades from said palette. Fall colors, pastels, jewel tones, etc. You want to COMPLIMENT each other, not match. This can be super simple because I’ll bet you already have complimentary clothing hanging in your closet, so this tip saves you the extra expense of a shopping trip just for pictures. 

3.       Choose a “POP” color and try to weave it in with the rest of your pallet. You want this to be a striking color that compliments what everyone is wearing and you just want to add it in here and there in the form of accessories or single pieces of clothing. This can be done with a pair of shoes, jewelry, a boy’s tie, leggings, etc. Be creative!

4.       Be comfortable! I can’t stress this enough! If you are uncomfortable in something because it doesn’t fit correctly, IT WILL SHOW in pictures! It will show in your face and posture that you aren’t relaxed, and it doesn’t look good. When choosing an outfit for pics, put it on and do three things to see if you’re truly comfortable in it. First, sit down. Sit down as you may be asked to do in pictures and ask yourself, “Am I comfortable and does this still look good?” Can you breathe? Has the outfit created an unflattering roll or does it "pull" in certain places? If so, you may want to choose something else. Second, stand up and look at yourself in the mirror WITHOUT adjusting the clothing. Does it still look okay? The reason I ask this is because photoshoots can go quickly and you may not always remember to pull up that waist band or re-tuck that shirt. If you stood up and noticed your clothing needed major adjustments, choose something else. You’ll thank me later. ;) Third, get a 360 degree view of yourself. Yep, sometimes a photograph will show the side of you, and yes, the back of you. Does your outfit look nice from every side? If not, it may need tweaking.

5.       Ladies, heels are your friend! Flats are comfy for everyday wear, but for pictures, you may want to step it up to some kick-butt heels.  They can elongate the leg, they improve posture immensely, they make most women feel sexier and more confident, and they can be just the ticket for adding that pop of color we discussed earlier. They don’t have to be fancy stilettos; a cute wedge works just as nicely and will match jeans, a summer dress, etc.  I don’t wear heels often, but I try to wear them for pics because I know how great they look. See my teal wedges in this pic? They add that pop of color I was talking about and they make me look and feel more confident, not to mention that they keep my jeans from dragging the ground! ;)

6.       Don’t forget your accessories. Jewelry, hats, scarves, ties, gloves…they all add so much to your look. Don’t forget about them! Again, be creative!

7.       Dress the hardest person first. In many families, that person is mom. She decides what is hung on the living room wall, so if she doesn’t like how she looks, she won’t like the picture. Start with the most challenging person first, and coordinate everyone else’s outfit to match.

8.       Think of your background and be sure to coordinate your outfit to match the surroundings. Will your outfit “go” with the country field or barn scene you’ve chosen? Is your outfit urban enough for a city photoshoot? You may have an awesome black dress, but would it look right in a field of daisies?? Probably not as great as natural colors would, right? Keep those things in mind.

9.       Be careful with patterns. They’re okay to wear, but not if everyone has on a different pattern. In that case, they might clash even if they are in the same color family.

10.   Try to stay away from neon and white. There are exceptions to every rule, but normally, these colors don’t photograph well. I would avoid them unless you are sure they will look nice in a picture. White is very reflective and can sometimes appear too bright in a photo. Go instead for off white or ivory, or wear white with layers that have color. Neon is just a real brat to photograph and the colors tend to reflect onto your face, often giving your chin the “glow” of whatever color the shirt is. Not very flattering.


So there are your 10 tips for better family photos! Hope this has helped ease the stress you may be feeling over family pics and given you some inspiration for ways to rock this year’s family photoshoot! Feel free to comment or ask questions! I look forward to seeing what you all have chosen for family pictures this year! 

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Adventures with the Class of 2013 The time has come for my 2013 Seniors to begin ordering their prints and announcments! This inspired me to make this first blog on my new website about Senior portrait shoots!

I have fun at all my photo shoots, but Senior shoots are by far the craziest! We head out with a car full of props and camera equipment looking for adventure, and most weekends, we find plenty here in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. This blog will give you a closer look into our senior shoots, and I guarantee you will be so jealous of the beautiful places we've been this year, and of all the FUN we have had "getting the shot" that you are gonna want to book a shoot too! :) So let's take a look...

We started this Senior season off last summer with a trip to a local carnival! I had a "vision" one night about a photo shoot at a local fair with a fun vintage feel, and I knew just the person who would be "game" to try it!

Kennedy is by far one of the most photogenic girls I have ever shot. She is so natural and fun in front of a camera, and it shows! Right away she was up for the shoot, as was her partner in crime, Brad (who also happens to be my nephew!) We headed out on a gorgeous WV summer day to Mannington, where the Mannington District Fair provided a terrific backdrop for these fun, whimsical shots!

Remember last year's drought???? We sure do! That was when we headed out with Heather in search of a waterfall! 6 hours, one 5 mile hike, one broken flip flop, 2 puddles, and a tree branch later, we MADE a waterfall for this shot! ;)

Luckily, it was still a beautiful day and we were able to get TONS of other great pictures in Preston County! Heather even made friends with some "locals."

Feuerwehr Hallein holt Kunstwerk aus der Salzach


Kennedy's second shoot was shot along the BEAUTIFUL Tygart Lake. We wanted both a beautiful, classic summer feel, and a more modern, water theme for this one, so we brought along a vintage bicycle, a picnic basket, a change of clothes, and a chair. We had to balance our way across a very narrow dam to get to our little island paradise, so Brad pushed the bike, Heather carried props, Kennedy hauled clothes, I toted photo equipment and my husband balanced the chair as we performed our summertime high-wire act across Pleasant Creek. The balancing act was DEFINITELY worth it! We couldn't have asked for prettier shots.


When it was time for the water shots, we called on my husband, Chad, once again to carry Kennedy into the lake for the "floating chair shot" as it is now called by so many people I've talked to. lol Heather then took her turn, offering Kennedy a piggy-back ride through the muddy areas. What a great friend!

Finally, after all that work keeping her dry, we threw her in! ;)

Here are some other fun shots from the Class of 2013 shoots! You'll notice Chad is hard at work again, climbing a tree to pull Kristen up for a beautiful shot at Jackson's Mill, and building a tire swing for Savannah so she could have the senior pictures she envisioned in our talks. I think Mr. Royce needs a raise! ♥ Enjoy these last shots from various WV locations...

Thank you to all of my 2013 Seniors, and best of luck building a wonderful future!! ♥

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